Too many projects?

Let our team handle the hassle for you.


Whether you are dealing with explosive growth or delays from inspections, we know either may pose challenges.. We are happy to help! Here at Volt we have many years of experience in solar sales and installation. We are the happy medium; our focus is on speed and communication. We understand the importance of keeping the homeowner informed throughout the process so they feel comfortable and confident with their decision to go solar. Let us help you help your clients.

Site Survey

Helps determine the feasibility of installing solar, identify any potential challenges or limitations, and provide valuable information for designing an effective and efficient system tailored to the property.


We handle all aspects of the installation from unloading the material to cleanup. Most residential systems are complete in a single day with a focus on crew safety and customer satisfaction.


Ensure a safe and code-compliant solar installation. Compliance with inspection requirements is essential for obtaining final approval and permission to operate the solar system.

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